The plastic-free water-stop floor

Our Dureco floor combines two polar opposites. On the one hand, it is made almost entirely from wood. On the other, it repels water very consistently.

Dureco is plastic-free. It consists mainly of natural and sustainable materials. The core is made of wood fibres.

Wood and water do not normally get on well together. With Dureco, we have overcome this barrier thanks to our SEAL technology. This is a combination of various performance components, which together form a composite to provide effective protection. SEAL prevents standing water from penetrating into the floor – for up to 24 hours. With Dureco, life is always relaxed. As well as sustainable and lived in a healthy home environment.


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Healthy living

The use of natural raw materials, principally wood fibre


Protects against liquid penetration for up to 24 hours

Durable & easy to care for

The use of corundum protects the surface and design


Our products are in range of everyone

Easy Installation

Can be aesily installed on any surface

Feel it real wood flooring

Get the feel of real wood

Smartly built

Intelligent click connection for simple installation

A wealth of experience

60 years of expertise from Münsterland

Budget friendly

Get your wood flooring in your budget