The comfort floor with the strength of the soya bean

Our luxury vinyl floors let you live life to the full. It contains the healthy power of the soya bean, which has a positive effect on your room climate.
Unlike conventional vinyl floors made from PVC, we do not use plasticizers, that contain harmful pfthalates. To make our luxury vinyl flooring elastic, we use a natural bio-based plasticizer oil obtained from the soya bean, so that it meets all the criteria for low-emission living.
Walking on our luxury vinyl flooring is a pleasant quiet and soft experience. But it is as tough as nails. Its robust nature is invisible. It is hidden in the material and in its smart construction. And it makes virtually no difference what happens to it. Water, dirt, dogs’ paw marks, it takes them all in its stride. It is easy to care for and get clean in next to no time. At the same time, it remains as laid back as you are.


Innovative products from all over the work to help provide the best experience tailored to fit one’s requirements.


One decor — three methods of construction

The appropriate technical solution for every construction situation

Healthy Living

Use of organic plasticizers made from soya bean oil


Protects the surface and the decor image through an extra thick wear layer


Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms and other humid environments (except the Comfort design)


That is good for sustainable healthy living

Smartly Built

Intelligent click connection for simple installation (except Pro version)